Forum Title: Bead hopper or compound tube with external mud head ?
I've been thinking about get either a bead hopper or a compound tube with an external mud head. We tend to use just metal flex tape for external corners in new build houses over here ( Scotland). So my questions are would any of these make my production quicker on the instillation?, currently it takes me about 90min too stick and coat 2 boxes of flex tape (60m). I like the idea of the hopper, It looks good when using it with drywall external corner beads but would using it for flex tape be a bit awkward ( would the flex tape once loaded with compound fold together sticking to its self before you could apply it?). Regarding the compound tube & mud head system here you are applying the compound too the external corner then apply the flex tape. Are these tubes easy enough too get the hang of using ?. What size of compound tube would be most suitable and how many 2.4 external corners would it coat before refilling?. Can either be used with fast set filler (hot mud) or better using a drywall joint cement ?. Also how are these tools to wash up if you don't have access to a water hose ? Sorry if this question is a bit long winded , just looking for anything that will speed up production, less time at work = more time chasing salmon
Category: Drywall Post By: FELICIA MOSS (Petaluma, CA), 02/09/2018

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