Forum Title: What is causing the edges of my joints to show?
I need some good advice. First my name is Don. I'll explain the Sue name later . I have been a drywall finisher for 30 years but Im having a problem now I can not explain. I moved to Texas recently and just finished like 4 offices. The edges of every joint are showing. Another guy sanded one room and I saw how his edges were showing on his joints so I made damm sure to sand mine extra good. Im telling you, the joints looked perfect when I was done. No edges at all. But now that they are painted, there they are. You can clearly see the edges of my 12in knife top and bottom. Sometimes that does happen from lack of sanding, but only on a random joint once in a while. Not every joint like this place. I am at a loss at to what caused this. This is a new company I am working for and I am quickly losing respectability lol. The only thing I can possibly think of is they are priming the walls with block filler. They claim it does the same job as primer and is allot cheaper. Nowhere on the bucket of block filler does it say to use on drywall. Could this be the issue? Any other ideas? Thanks for any input. btw. I was using Sheetrock green lid compound. And some box mud I never seen until I moved here. Could it be the mud? I sand with 120 grit then I go over everything with my sanding sponge. Been doing it this way a long time.
Category: Drywall Post By: Lyndi (Utica, NY), 02/28/2018

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